ServerlessQ 1.0. - Let the Slow Launch Begin ๐Ÿš€

ServerlessQ 1.0. - Let the Slow Launch Begin ๐Ÿš€


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I am stoked to announce that we finalized our first version of ServerlessQ.

Try it out now at

ServerlessQ allows you to create message queues without the need and overhead of a cloud provider. You can simply re-use your existing Vercel, Netlify, or similar APIs and we'll queue & retry your requests.

I explained in detail the tech approach to how we did that. With 1 week's delay, we proudly present the first version of ServerlessQ.

This is just the beginning. Let's see what it can do by now:


Message Queues

The main intention is to create message queues.

ServerlessQ allows the creation of multiple queues. The design goal here is that each queue can have different settings, for example:

  • Retries
  • Delays
  • Timeouts

Message Queues

For now, these customization options are not possible, but the creation of queues with a default of 5 retries is possible.


Each queue receives requests and messages. As a user, you simply send a REST request to your queue and we'll forward it to your specific target.

Your target can be any API you want. We simply copy your header, method, and body and forward it.

The major benefit is the developer experience. We give you an overview of all requests and their associated responses.


To obtain such an overview in a message queue like in SQS is simply not easily possible.

For each response you can see the details like:

  • Status code
  • Headers
  • Body
  • Method
  • Timestamp

Response Details


The main feature of the queue is retries currently. If a request fails for whatever reason we simply retry the request five times. After that, we'll move the request to a dead letter queue.

Future Features

There are so many ideas for upcoming features.

On the one side, we need to add customizations to the queues. For example:

  • Customize retries
  • Introduce delays
  • Timeouts between retries
  • Alerting in case of errors
  • More granular statistics

On the other side, we want to build more general features and make the use of AWS obsolete for some standard use cases like:

  • Cron Jobs
  • Scheduling Calls
  • Webhooks

Let us know in case you need any features, we're happy to collaborate with you!



How do we earn money?

At the moment we have an extensive free plan. We know that we solve an existing problem so the free plan is mainly meant for testing out the product.

For more professional usage of our product, we've got an advanced plan with more requests included.

The main factors the plans differentiate are:

  • Number of queues
  • Number of requests per month

Requests can also be topped-up on a monthly or yearly basis.

We also offer an enterprise plan to get your own self-hosted ServerlessQ system running. In the future, we will introduce more plans with a focus on support, and more advanced features.

Give it a try!

Header over to and try it out!

Also, check out the docs at

Let us know what you think ๐Ÿš€

Slow Launch

What the heck is a slow launch? Slow launch simply means we won't post it on any huge launch sites right now. We want to build a product that customers really need. It doesn't make sense for us to get a huge traffic spike without really talking to users.

Saying that I want to talk to potential users! You can use our product for free and we can build it together. Simply DM me on twitter or send me an email

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